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Antigravity Batteries Jump Start Harness Kit

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Permanently affixes a 12" long jump start harness to your battery and eliminates the need to carry jumper cables. Simply plug your Micro Start directly to the cable lead. Includes an SAE adaptor (fits most newer battery chargers) to charge your battery while stored and allows you to hook up a standard SAE-type charger to the Micro-Start harness.

NOTICE: A standard SAE-type harness will NOT handle jump-starting as the wire gauge is much too thin and the wires will melt. The Micro-Start is intended for jump starting only through the jump start port. Never leave the Micro-Start connected to your vehicle's battery for longer than 30 seconds. Never use the Micro-Start in place of your regular battery. Never attempt to charge the Micro-Start directly from your battery through the jump start port as this could result in severe damage.

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Antigravity Batteries Jump Start Harness Kit
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